Who We Are?


Located in the Middle East, at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen has long had a coffee-drinking culture. According to one theory, its heritage can be traced back to Arab Muslims staying up late drinking cups of this stimulating beverage before prayers. Nowadays, however, political instability has made stable production and exports extremely difficult-not to mention access to safe water (essential for the growing process). 

Under such circumstances, Tareq, the representative of the company, has been working hand in hand with his brother, Qusai, who currently resides in Yemen, and also working together with the producers to produce coffee, which is then imported to Japan and delivered to many people. With “Bringing Peace through Coffee’ in their hearts, they are working hard every day to restore the lost glory of Yemeni coffee and to promote Yemeni coffee to the world. 

Restoring Yemen's Past Glory

Coffee consumption dates back to ancient times. It was the 15th century when the first Coffee Drink for what would become our beloved drink – Qahwa, was created in Yemen. This has made it one of the most indulgent luxuries we indulge in today. 

The Yemeni coffee farming tradition, which has continued for millennia, captivates the modern-day world. In the 16th century, Yemen’s beans were said to be the finest in the world, with Yemen coming to be known as the Arabia Felix—happy or prosperous Arabia— so much so that its fabled drink became popular among Europeans and other parts of Asia too. 

Coffee first came to Japan in the 17th century when Dutch traders brought it back from the west. From then until now, many people have been impressed with mocha coffee. In fact, there was even a song made just for this popular drink!

Time passed, and Tareq, the representative of Mocha Origins, who was born in the land once known as “Arabian Felix” arrived in Japan with a dream to restore the lost glory of Yemen. 

In 2018, after graduating from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, he founded Mocha Origins. Also that same year, with the support of the Governor of Oita Prefecture and other individuals interested in making this idea a reality – he managed to establish direct trade of coffee beans from Yemen. This was the first time this type of trade took place in Japan; and it caused quite a stir on Japanese TV. 

Despite this, the knowledge and understanding of Yemen in Japan and around the world is still very low, and our activities are met with much difficulty. We will work hard to spread the charm of Yemeni coffee as it once was through constant activity.


Preserving Ancient Flavors. Taking On New Challenges

Mocha Origins is one team that recognizes diversity, embraces change, and works with global ideas. 
We aim to be an entity that can tackle and solve various issues that arise in the process from the time a coffee tree is grown to the time it is consumed as a cup of coffee

  • Support for Small Farmers
    We buy coffee from small farmers with limited resources and
    Yemen’s unique culture and Arabic culture are disseminated by
    exposure, and market them abroad alongside the personal stories of these hardworking people.
    Even if they only produce 15 kq annually, we strive to pay them fairly so that they can keep farming every year.
  •  Dissemination of Culture
    Yemen’s unique culture and Arabic culture are disseminated by us on a daily basis through social media, appearing in newspapers, and getting coverage in some TV shows. We also participate in exhibitions held in Japan and around the world, and hold workshops or host live webinars for our followers across the globe.